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We all know in construction time is money. A reliable schedule – planned well in advance – gives each party an opportunity to allocate time to all activities, avoiding delays and cost overruns.

Walter B. Davis believes success relies heavily upon this thought-out schedule and comprehensive planning. Large construction projects are likely to fail if there isn’t an effective plan in place from the beginning. To help accomplish our tasks we use the most current construction management software, creating an integrated work environment to stay on the same page with stakeholders, and approach tasks head-on without fear of risk.

Preparing a construction schedule that is both specific and put together ahead of time ensures efficiency and productivity. Construction scheduling allows you and the project team to control quality measures, as well as manage resource allocation in each phase of construction.

Why choose us?

Essentially, construction planning overviews the act of choosing relevant policies, processes and procedures to achieve the project’s goals. Walter B. Davis Company plans for cost, scope, time, and quality into a detailed calendar and operational workflow. With an appropriate plan in place, we are able to manage all essential pieces to make your project a success.

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