Estimating & Cost Control

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Our partnership with clients begins well before construction starts. From concept to completion, Walter B. Davis Company is committed to being a steward of our client’s financial commitments. During estimating, we will contribute our knowledge of construction processes, current costs, and value-based solutions to help understand the best way to approach a project.

Once a project comes to life, we will identify cost effective building solutions, ensuring project success. Our cost control services provide a comprehensive and informed plan to eliminate surprises, saving time and money.

Why choose us?

Construction projects are notorious for exceeding their budgets, but it’s not impossible to meet them. Estimating and cost control is a key part of construction management and if done right, your projects will be a success.

A few modifications can make all the difference and Walter B. Davis Company has the experience and knowledge to bring projects in on schedule and budget. We demonstrate the same level of commitment to each project we touch – whether contracted for a small renovation or a larger, new project – all of our clients receive the same superior customer service.

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